Radford City Schools

Cynthia Melton

Welcome to my page!  My name is Cindy Melton, and I teach P.E., Health, and Driver Education at Radford High School.  I grew up in Chapel Hill, NC, graduated from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, and taught Elementary P.E. in Durham, NC for three years before accepting my position at RCPS.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education with a secondary concentration in Human Studies, and am certified to teach P.E./Health to grades K-12.

Fun Fact:  I was a member of a competitive jump rope team for ten years of my childhood!  Through my involvement in this unique sport, I was able to teach classes and camps,  participate in traveling workshops, showcase skills at special events, as well as compete at national and international levels.  My greatest accomplishments as a competitive jumper include performing a series of shows in Istanbul, Turkey for audiences up to 2,000 people, and earning a gold medal at the 2006 World Championships in Toronto, Canada.   

My reason for teaching P.E. stems not only from my participation in competitive jump rope, but also from growing up in a family of educators.  I value health and physical activity, but moreover, I value my students. I believe Physical Education to be fundamental in developing a person as a whole.  P.E. and Health Education prevent sickness and disease, provide an outlet for creativity and self-expression, develop cooperation and teamwork, build self-confidence,  provide opportunities for personal goal-setting, increase personal fitness and motor abilities, help reduce stress and anxiety, strengthen relationships with others, and even boost academic learning!

My approach to Physical Education is somewhat nontraditional in that sports are not the main focus, but are rather used as tools to accomplish leading objectives.  Emphasis is placed mostly on motor skill development, anatomical basis of movement, fitness planning, social development, energy balance, and the great outdoors.

In Health, we get to explore topics such as personal health, body systems, nutrition and body composition, body image, mental and emotional health, relationships and online safety, violence and injury prevention, alcohol and other drugs,  communicable and non-communicable diseases, and first aid.

As for Driver Education, students in Grade 10 take this course throughout the first semester and Health during the second.  Topics include licensing responsibilities, preparing to operate a vehicle, visual perception and driving, using space management systems, navigating roadways, sharing the road, distracted driving, alcohol, adverse conditions and evasive maneuvers, vehicle systems and handling heavy vehicles, and driver responsibilities and making informed choices.  

In my class, it is of absolute importance that students follow the rules and exhibit a steadfast work ethic.  The largest part of my students’ grades is based on daily performance, so try your best, and remember to be a BOBCAT:

Be respectful. Show kindness.  Use cooperation.

Offer a good attitude. Clear your mind of “I can’t.”

Bring your best effort. No excuses. Set goals. Challenge yourself.

Come prepared. Expectations are clear. Do your part.

Act safely. Think ahead. Use good judgment.

Take responsibility. Follow instructions. Own your actions.