Central Office Staff

District Staff

Central Office Main Office Phone 540-731-3647

Superintendent - Dr. Adam Joyce, [email protected]

Assistant Superintendent - Dr. Melissa McDaniel, [email protected]

Director of Special Education and Student Services - Daniel Hill, [email protected]

Director of Technology - Stacey Howard, [email protected]

Director of Transportation - Jeff Smith, [email protected]

Director of School Nutrition - Connie Wood, [email protected] 

Director of Human Resources - Stephanie Shull, [email protected]

Director of Finance/Clerk of the Board - Kerri Long, [email protected]

Information Technology - Brian Dye, [email protected]

Technology Support Specialist, Division Director of Testing - Paul Zartman, [email protected]

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Officer - JC Hamilton, [email protected]

Title IX Coordinator -Dr. Melissa McDaniel

Education Specialist - Jamie Little, [email protected]

Gifted Coordinator - Emily Eagle, [email protected]

Division Literacy Coordinator - Jayne Cox, [email protected]

Website Coordinator - Blenna Patterson, [email protected]

Special Education Transition Coordinator - John Miller, [email protected]